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We provide a full range of industrial gases in precise measurements, including Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, Argon, Helium, and Acetylene. Specialty gases are also available at a higher grade for laboratories, refineries, and manufacturing plants. 

Our experience extends across a wide range of markets, and we take the time to get to know you, your business, and your unique needs. This enables us to create a custom, cutting-edge gas technology solution for your specific project.

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Our modern truck fleet can transport cylinder gases and bulk gases when necessary. For more information or to schedule a delivery, call us at (405) 238-6421.

Medical and Industrial Gas Transportation | James Supplies
Industrial Gases | Acetylene | James Supply


A colorless pungent-smelling hydrocarbon gas, widely used as a welding gas and in metal cutting and heating

Industrial Gases | Argon | James Supply


Widely used as a blanketing inert gas shield for welding 

Industrial Gases | Carbon Dioxide | James Supply

Carbon Dioxide

Common in beverage carbonation, modified atmosphere packaging, substrate cooling, supercritical CO2 pH balancing, pipe freezing, welding applications, and marijuana growing

Industrial Gases | Helium | James Supply


A versatile gas with a wide range of uses, from MRI magnet cooling and pressurizing fuel tanks for rocket ships, to shielding during welding and blowing up balloons

Industrial Gases | Oxygen | James Supply


Oxygen’s many uses are based on its combustion-sustaining, oxidizing and life-supporting attributes. Its main application includes gas welding and cutting

Industrial Gases | Nitrogen | James Supplies


Colorless, odorless, tasteless and nonflammable, nitrogen is used in food freezing and chilling applications, electronics and metal fabrication – to name a few

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